Gross Copywriting Secrets – How My Dog’S Doo-Doo Destroyed My Writer’S Block

Border Collie Poodle Mix – These might not be among the greatest copywriting secrets on earth’ But should you get stuck for ideas when composing advertisements, I believe that you will realize that it works like gangbusters to secure you un-stuck very quickly’


Here is the story:


A little over one year ago, my dog Zoe had er’ ‘ ‘uhm… that the “runs’”


And also a NASTY instance at that’


What happened was, she’d eaten a lot of grass that afternoon and, at the middle of the night, she jumped straight off the bed, went into the corner of this space and left everything was occurring near the grossest noise I’d ever achieved noticed, using a stench which had been (literally) excruciating’


And my wife got ZERO back-talk out of me when she explained:


“You go out her and I’ll clean up this mess!”


Yes Ma’am!


Anyhow, long story short…


I had been reluctant to return to sleep that night (if Zoe had yet another “crisis”) so I took her errands’ And while sitting there, I got really, really exhausted’ There was nothing about the TV worth seeing’ And my computer had been upstairs not far from Zoe’s “ground zero’”


So I grabbed a pencil and paper and began doodling’


And while I’m sitting there doodling and drawing, entirely out of nowhere, the answer to a urgent (and exceptionally nagging) creative persoalan I’d been wrestling with popped in my mind’


I could not believe it!


This difficulty had literally plagued me for weeks and months’ Still, the response appeared entirely out of the blue’


And you what?


I’ve since analyzed doing the specific same thing over and over again when I want solutions or ideas for my advertisements with comparable outcomes’ I guess it’s something to do with our hands along with the creative side of our brains being linked (can not recall who found that, although it is reasonable)’


No matter the situation, try it if you are stuck and see what happens’


Who knows?


Perhaps my dog’s heap of doo-doo will turn you into a heap of cash, also’